(AGES 5-7 & 8-12)
This class is a safe and fun class first focusing on the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu and self defense. We structure our program to increase your child’s 
-confidence/self esteem
While teaching them a Martial Art that is proven to be the most proficient in self defense situations. Our instructors keep the training


As a beginner, this class would act as an introductory lesson to Jiu Jitsu. By going over fundamental techniques and concepts, we will help students form a solid foundation to build upon. This class/training program is a physical activity that incorporates your entire body and mind, increasing your discipline, physical and mental health. A perfect class for beginners and less experienced but not to be overlooked by advanced ranks.


In the advanced class we will expand on the techniques and concepts we covered in the fundamentals class. Generally, students are able to participate in this class after 5-6 months of training. This class will help you advance your rank and is a great class for those wanting to challenge themselves with advanced techniques and more intense training sessions.


Based upon our fundamentals program but held too early for some. This class is perfect for people who want to train before or after work or start the day off early to improve their day.

Not Sure Where to Start?