Some people start doing martial arts because they want to learn something new, like self-defense. Others are searching for a fun way to improve their fitness, and martial arts is a fun way to get or stay in shape.

No matter what your personal goals for martial arts might be, at some point, you might experience a dip in your motivation.

What do you do when this happens? Here are a few ways to stay motivated:

1. Keep it fun.

Martial arts requires quite a bit of hard work, but it’s possible to improve while having fun. But if you feel that enjoyment has gone missing, take a step back and think about what you enjoyed about your training in the past. You may need to adjust your mindset slightly or remind yourself that it’s okay to be dedicated while still having fun!

Martial Arts - How to Stay Motivated | GF Team Toledo

2. Set goals.

Rather than showing up to a class and going through the motions, goals give you focus and direction. If it’s been a while since you assessed your training and goals, now is the time to do it. The more focused you are on what you’re hoping to achieve, the more likely you’ll stay excited and motivated about your training.

3. Figure out your purpose.

Building on the idea of setting personal martial arts goals, it’s also helpful to reflect on why you want to stay committed to your training. What purpose does martial arts have in your daily life? When you feel your motivation start to drop, revisit your purpose, and the benefits that martial arts has on your lifestyle.

4. Take breaks.

Recovery is an essential piece of any martial arts training program. If you don’t set aside time to rest, eventually, your body (or your mind) will force you to do so. Making rest a part of your training gives your body a chance to rebuild itself. And rather than risk feeling burned out and unmotivated, proper recovery gives you a mental break from training.

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