With our target re opening date for May 26, we are ecstatic to be coming back. By following state guidelines, we will work to keep our training facilities as safe and clean as possible.

For our first 1-2 weeks back, we will be solely open to our students who have stuck with us through this pandemic. We would like to show our appreciation to you all exclusively.

Please download the Zenplanner app so that you can check in for your desired class and RESERVE your spot. Please revisit our new schedule online at adamasjiujitsutoledo.com to see any changes.

• Kids students can be accompanied by 1 parent or guardian who can stay to watch class as long as they follow proper social distancing.
• As for some new ground rules that may have to been covered in our past rules email;
• 2 instructors every class to ensure temperature of each student is taken and they are aware of the rules.
• Locker room and shower use will be limited and the number of occupants allowed in at one time will be modified to keep up with social distancing standards.
• Please arrive in your training equipment so we can further limit locker room use.
• When class ends, work to change or exit the training area, sanitize and exit in a timely fashion. The next class will remain in the parking lot until one of the instructors opens the doors and allows them to enter.


If any of you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in contact with us and discuss. We are taking this all very seriously and value our loyal students more than ever during this time.
We are excited to get back and offer up the first training to you all but we must remain safe and comfortable within our training facilities.

GFTeam Staff