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5660 Monroe st 
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May 2020

Martial Arts: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated


Some people start doing martial arts because they want to learn something new, like self-defense. Others are searching for a fun way to improve their fitness, and martial arts is a fun way to get or stay in shape. No matter what your personal goals for martial arts might be, at some point, you might [...]

Martial Arts: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated2020-05-20T11:26:23-06:00



WE ARE RE-OPENING MAY 26, 2020 AND WANT TO SAY "THANK YOU!" TO OUR STUDENTS. With our target re opening date for May 26, we are ecstatic to be coming back. By following state guidelines, we will work to keep our training facilities as safe and clean as possible. For our first [...]

RE-OPENING TARGET MAY 26, 20202020-05-20T11:11:35-06:00

New Rules/ Safety Protocol


GF Team Toledo has enacted the following policies to keep our staff and members healthy: Prospects upon arrival must sign waiver and show no flu like symptoms before beginning session. Temperature will be taken with no touch thermometer. No shoes past the lobby doors. Shoes will be placed on the rack and [...]

New Rules/ Safety Protocol2020-05-20T11:11:42-06:00

3 Benefits of Virtual Martial Arts Classes


There are many reasons people decide to take up a martial arts practice and train Jiu Jitsu. Some are looking for a fun, new way to move and improve their health. Others are looking to learn a martial arts style or practice techniques for self-defense. Once you get started with your martial arts training, you’ll [...]

3 Benefits of Virtual Martial Arts Classes2020-05-07T09:00:26-06:00

April 2020

3 Ways Martial Arts Promotes Resilience


Martial arts improves the body and mind of committed students and athletes. One of the mental skills you train through martial arts is resilience. Resilience is a measure of how well you're able to cope with challenges or obstacles. You can look at it as an indicator of your emotional strength and endurance. At first, [...]

3 Ways Martial Arts Promotes Resilience2020-04-21T14:44:24-06:00

Update: Week of 4-20-2020


Hello everyone, Hope you have all had a chance to check out our online programs whether it be through google drive or our Facebook group. Each Saturday from now until re opening our instructors will teach Live workshops for all loyal members. Match breakdowns are coming soon as staff has been researching matches and [...]

Update: Week of 4-20-20202020-04-21T14:32:14-06:00

Develop a Consistent Martial Arts Practice (at Home!)


No matter where you happen to train, staying consistent in your martial arts practice has a lot of benefits. Consistency is how you continue to improve your skills, as well as your fitness. And a lack of consistency can mean a lack of results. Here are a few suggestions on how you can develop a [...]

Develop a Consistent Martial Arts Practice (at Home!)2020-04-07T14:27:07-06:00

March 2020

Study at home!


During our time away from the mats, our staff has dedicated time to bring our members a vast library of techniques to be done and studied at home. The videos we offer don’t just include Jiu Jitsu lessons but also include, lifting videos, aerobic exercises, movement drills and most recently, self defense. Coach Liz [...]

Study at home!2020-04-07T14:19:11-06:00

COVID-19 Update


Hello Everyone, Recently, information has continued to surface regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as we are closing in on April 6, we fear that small business’ will remained closed for an extended period of time. We hope that you have all enjoyed the material we have shared and can adapt your training for the [...]

COVID-19 Update2020-04-07T14:19:19-06:00

3 Ways Martial Arts Training Helps You Deal with Stress


Stress is a normal part of life. We can’t escape it, but we can learn how to manage it so that it doesn’t end up harming our health. Here are three ways that your martial arts training helps you deal with stress: 1. Regular physical activity reduces stress. Every time you exercise, your body releases [...]

3 Ways Martial Arts Training Helps You Deal with Stress2020-03-23T11:02:02-06:00
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