GF Team Toledo has enacted the following policies to keep our staff and members healthy:

  1. Prospects upon arrival must sign waiver and show no flu like symptoms before beginning session. Temperature will be taken with no touch thermometer.
  2. No shoes past the lobby doors. Shoes will be placed on the rack and personal sandals can be worn in the training area/locker rooms.
  3. Rash guards are mandatory to be worn in No Gi class and are to be worn under the Gi. If you do not have a rash guard under your Gi, you can not train.
  4. Personal hygiene and fresh training gear is paramount. Equipment must be washed after every use.
  5. Foot sanitizing station is to be used before entering the mat. 
  6. Sandals MUST be worn and feet re-sanitized before stepping back on the mat.
  7. Instructors reserve the right to remove anyone from the class that begins showing flu like symptoms. 
  8. No spectators or congregating in lobby or locker rooms. After class ends, students must change, sanitize and proceed out of the gym in a timely fashion. 
  9. Breaks between classes will be used for staff to clean and sanitize before next class is allowed to enter and prepare for training.